Pranissa is a factory that produces a variety of hair care products specializing in hair care and restoration herbs.
If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer who can meet a variety of demands, call us at 0 2889 5505.


Hair cleaning products removing dandruff, fat, and residues as well as nourishing hair with the values of a variety of herbs without sulfate and silicone.


Hair nourishing products specially formulated to help adjusting hair conditions and scalp and restoring hair to its natural conditions.


Serum that nourish and restore hair cells, increase the number of hair and intensity of hair color proven by research results by a reliable institution.


Products that change white hair using pigments form real plant without mercerization stimulating chemical, bleaches, and synthetic colors to cover white hair as well as nourishing hair and slowing down grayness.


Hair root conditioning products that help making hair smooth, not frizzy, heavy, easily styled, and shiny with the values of genuine herbs without silicone.

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